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At MESC, we offer a full range of recruitment services to employers. Acting as an extension of your organisation’s human resources department and line management, we carry out searches, reference checks, skills evaluation, preliminary interviewing and screening. We do all this on your behalf as your trusted partner. MESC takes away the stresses of recruitment.

Typical workflow is as follows:

  • Garner full information about organisation and vacancy
  • Understand skills and competencies required for the position
  • Clarify the kind of person who will be the right fit for the team and organisational culture
  • Begin search through our extensive networks
  • Advertise position if appropriate
  • Select longlist of candidates who meet all criteria
  • In consultation with client, shortlist the most suitable candidates
  • Carry out full assessments including personality and technical evaluations (see below)
  • Carry out full job interviews
  • Request and check references
  • Agree the most suitable candidate
  • Carry out further checks and screening as required
  • Offer position to candidate
  • Negotiate employment package
  • Draw up and sign contract
  • Follow-up process to ensure client satisfaction

Executive and Professional Search

With our contacts around the world, MESC are able to locate high-calibre executives, leaders and managers to match vacancies in all sectors. We also recruit to specialist and professional roles using a range of methods, including headhunting, targeted advertising and networking.

Assessing Candidates

Our full and extensive assessments include an in-depth conversation with one of our expert consultants. We conduct personality assessments using professional psychaologists and executive coaches. For technical roles, we conduct technical assessments, carried out by the top experts in the relevant industry.

We are interested in each candidate’s career goals and the skills and experience they bring to their work. Our goal is to truly understand the person and his or her strengths. By building a relationship with each candidate in this way, we gain a much fuller picture than automated assessments would provide. Our methods allow us to match people to employers in a nuanced and personal way.

Please contact us to discuss your vacancy and all your requirements. We look forward to working as your partner in recruitment.


We action all screening and referencing, removing additional pressures from your human resources department. Our experts ensure that references and other requirements are all fully satisfactory.


We carry out the final stages on your behalf, negotiating the job offer, reward package and appointment with your chosen candidate.


MESC offers a unique level of involvement, aiming to become known as the most effective and approachable recruitment company for the ME. We want employers to be fully satisfied with our service and will talk to you about how to make sure this happens – even in the unlikely circumstances that a new employee does not remain in post.


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